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The GPS to your Wellbeing is within. To access this inner guidance system, we must align the mind/body with the present moment. This 8-week series is a TRANSFORMATIVE journey using simple tools in a high vibrational, no judgement safe space, that will keep pointing you back to present moment awareness. This level of practice and focus is the catalyst to reprogramming your brain and entire nervous system. This program will transform the way you operate in your daily life, so you can live from wholeness and wellness.



❤ Be the observer of your experience.
This simple lens shift will be practiced and integrated throughout the entire 8 weeks.

❤ Restore the body’s natural rhythm.
The practice of meditation and awareness are the catalyst to calming the mind and nervous system, and connecting to our well-being.

❤ Default to the present moment.
The practice of using awareness to determine if you are in the present moment, or in the thoughts of past or present, will be integrated throughout the entire 8 weeks.



❤ Monday Nights for Eight Weeks
** Announcement of Dates Coming Soon **
(usually from 4pm-5:30pm PST / 7pm-8:30pm EST)

❤ Weekly Zoom
Each week we will gather via Zoom on a recorded LIVE for 90 minutes. We will begin each session with a relaxing, guided meditation that allows your body and mind to settle. We will be teaching and integrating wellness concepts that you will apply in your daily life.

❤ Weekly Meditation
Each week you will receive a  recorded, guided meditation (approximately 10 minutes in length), that you can practice daily for 7 days.  This will be a required daily practice that you can choose a time each day to listen in.

❤ Private FB Group
There will also be a support page on FB with daily inspiration and guidance.

❤ 2:1 Coaching
Within the 8 weeks, you can schedule a 90 minute, 2:1 coaching session with Amanda and Staci. We will listen to your specific needs, pinpoint and guide you to turn your challenges into opportunities that are ultimately driven by your inner guidance system aligned with your wellbeing.

Your Wire to Wellness Support Guides

Amanda Votto

After years of constantly being “on the go,” juggling family, career, and personal life, Amanda felt the inner call to slow down and wake up to the life that was slipping away before her eyes. It was with strong dedication and an unrelenting inner knowing, that she turned her attention to the practice of mindfulness. This very act of training her attention to the present moment, was the practice that helped her reconnect to her true self- the part of her that so graciously took a back seat to the demands of everyday life. Realizing the impact that her practice had on her own life, she is now dedicated to teaching others how to find their way back to what is important.

Amanda is a passionate person who believes in the wholeness of each of us despite our past or current conditions. She has formal training in both medicine and mindfulness, but it is through her own inner journey that she is most adept to guide others.

For the past 17 years, Amanda has been practicing medicine as a physician assistant. It is no coincidence that her specialty is cardiology. Healing the heart is her passion. Through her medical practice, she has come to realize that there are many factors that come into play when our body “breaks down.”. She wholeheartedly believes in the power that each of us possesses to heal from within and access a true sense of well-being.

Amanda received her undergraduate degree from Union College and her master’s degree from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She is a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) instructor, trained through the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Center for Mindfulness. She is also a mindful self-compassion teacher, trained through the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion in San Diego, CA.

Staci Mehas-Lewanski

Staci’s life shifted when her heart rate went to 200 bmp after a stressful period in her work life. After years of seeking for deep inner peace and an authentic aligned purpose, she found wisdom teachings from embodied enlightened beings and began to integrate the practices in her own life. Since Jan 2017, Staci has used meditation, present moment daily life awareness, and intuitive guidance, to rewrite her mind and nervous system, and help others to do the same.

Staci is the Founder of “The Elevated Frequency”, “Women’s Wisdom Within” and “Staci With an Eye: Embodiment Coaching”. She has been guiding, coaching, mentoring, public speaking, motivating, and inspiring people, especially leaders for most of her working life.

Staci shifted her life’s work from empowering 1000/s of women in the role of a direct sales Director/Coach, to life coach/guide leaders serving humanity. This shift in roles came about after YEARS of inner work, led by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, just to name a few. With the shedding and healing work, the gift of intuition arose, and now she lives, embodies and guides people to their own highest level of consciousness. Her deep attunement to people’s higher self, is the catalyst to the interconnected guidance she receives.

Staci also specializes in helping leaders with their vision, and team alignment. Her great passion is intuitively guided meditations which she leads in groups in person, on Zoom calls, and 1:1 with her soul clients. Staci is grateful beyond measure to have found the hidden jewels of her soul, and just wants to guide people to uncover their own. Her whole mission is to help people see the lens of their false self and higher self, and to birth it all from essence. To see other classes and opportunities that Staci is leading, go to: www.staciwithaneye.net.

Weekly Wellness Descriptions

Week 1: Building the Foundation: Awareness + The Mind/Body Construct

Often, we operate solely from our mind, lost in thought, and disconnected to our physical body. We forget that our body is full of wisdom and is a limitless resource for present moment living.

This week, we will discover:

  • How to come home to our body and train attention back to the present moment through body awareness.
  • Ways to relax our body and reduce stress
  • Work with physical sensations to help anchor us into the present moment.
  • Learn the “language” of our body and understand its cues.  
  • Build a foundation of strength, a starting point through which we can explore from an aerial view, ways to assess what is happening in our mind and body.
Week 2: Skillfully Working with Stress in the Body

Stress runs rampant in our society and we all know what it feels like to be stressed.

This week, we will focus on:

  • Discover how stress presents in the body and how we can begin to make room for uncomfortable sensations. 
  • Stabilize the nervous system through present moment awareness.
  • Discuss ways to calm the sympathetic nervous system before it begins to spiral into overwhelm, panic, and anxiety.
  • Build a safe and compassionate inner space that can skillfully work with stress.
Week 3: Mind - Body Connection: Loosening the Grip of the Mind

We all know to some degree the power of thoughts and how one thought can trigger an array of thoughts and cause a whole reaction within.

This week, we will begin to:

  • Uncover how closely intertwined our thoughts and reactions are.
  • Become more aware of the stories that we tell ourselves and how this impacts our present moment. 
  • Discover first-hand that we have the capacity to “choose” how we perceive our present moment. 
  • Learn about the different “lens” through which we can experience the present moment. We will begin to understand that one lens is pure and the other is filtered, dense, and skewed.
Week 4: Pivot - From Worry to Wonder

At times, we can feel stuck in our mind, controlled by the bombardment of thoughts. The pull of the mind can be so tight that there seems like there is no other choice than to be strapped tightly into the roller coaster seat and taken for a ride through the matrix of our mind.

This week, we will:

  • Learn skills that can be cultivated to loosen the tight grip of the mind. 
  • Explore how to shift from worry to wonder by practicing curiosity, non-judgement, acceptance and other attitudes that help us shift into the present moment. 
  • Uncover if we are labeling or observing more clearly. When we label we limit, when we observe, we OPEN the capacity for infinite possibility.
Week 5: Emotional Intelligence - Reframing How We View Emotions

Many of us were never taught how to feel our emotions. We often feared feeling them because we did not have the tools to do so. As a result we become skillful at avoiding or reacting to our emotions.

This week, we will:

  • Discover ways that we all try to bypass our emotions. 
  • Learn to become curious about our patterns and begin to develop healthier ways of working with emotions. 
  • Explore how to harness our power to go within and experience.
  • Begin to ask ourselves, “What always comes up for me, that keeps me stuck or in the same old story, time and time again? What are my specific patterns and why do I continually follow the pattern?
Week 6: Working with Difficult Emotions

Part of life is experiencing difficulties. Unfortunately, we cannot cherry pick our experiences; however, we can choose how to work with our difficulties in a skillful and empowering way.

This week, we will:

  • Identify our healthy coping skills that are already in place and begin to work on new skills that serve our highest intention. 
  • Learn ways to rewire our nervous system to expand our capacity to hold the full gamut of emotions. 
  • Build a resilient base that can weather even the harshest of storms. We will begin to go to our SOURCE of strength, which is within. Every time we “lose” ourselves — we have the ability to come back and touch who we truly are which is ultimately awareness. The process of tracing your way back to the present moment IS the muscle to build. The old habits and difficult emotions will eventually give us answers or solutions or will get lost completely … the muscle building of present moment awareness helps to ERODE the habit, organically.
Week 7: Integrating It All - Mental, Physical, Emotional Body

We have taken a deep dive into our inner workings over the past six weeks- including our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Now it is time to put it all together.

This week, we will:

  • Experience how our moment is made up of our thoughts, physical sensations and emotions and this is how we are experiencing the NOW. 
  • Through direct experience, we witness that we are not our thoughts, our body, our emotions, our circumstances — we are so much more. Our true essence is a pure presence that is full of compassion, connection and wisdom. 
  • Current life patterns show us which areas we need to look at from our non-judgement lens to discern if perhaps we need more support in this area. There are many resources to help you navigate this patterns from a deeper lens.
Week 8: Well-Being from the Inside Out

Well-Being is a life-long commitment. We can learn different skills to wire our system for wellness, but we must commit to this way of living in each moment. 

This week we will delve into:

  • There is always a choice to choose freedom or to choose suffering. Even when we choose suffering out of habit or out of the stronghold of reactivity, there is always a new moment to choose again and pivot towards wellness.
  • Through the meditative component of this course, we learned how to come into the present moment, how to calm our nervous system down and how to meet whatever arises in the moment with compassion, curiosity and acceptance.
  • Calm and clarity are a result of present moment living. When we are aligned on the inside, our outside begins to match that frequency. Well-being is our birthright and there are no exceptions. We are infinite beyond measure and our capacity to heal and live an aligned life lies within each of us.
  • Keep up practicing this for the next 30 days and see what arises.
Weekly Meditations

Guided body awareness practice with emphasis on placing our roots into the ground.

Guided movement practice – meeting “physical stress” in the body

Guided seated practice with emphasis on thoughts and watching them rather than hooking into  them.

Self-compassion practice

From Judge to Friend: Meeting your Emotions with love and compassion

Practice of meeting difficult emotions

Guided practice aware of breath, thoughts, emotions

Welcoming wellness in- authentic self meditation

Amanda Votto - Wire to Wellness

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Mindfulness is a limitless tool for self-discovery. It is an experiential process, meaning that you cannot just read about mindfulness to understand the process and receive its benefits. You actually have to practice and develop the skill to be present.


-- Amanda Votto

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