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After years of constantly being “on the go,” juggling family, career, and personal life, Amanda felt the inner call to slow down and wake up to the life that was slipping away before her eyes. It was with strong dedication and an unrelenting inner knowing, that she turned her attention to the practice of mindfulness. This very act of training her attention to the present moment, was the practice that helped her reconnect to her true self- the part of her that so graciously took a back seat to the demands of everyday life. Realizing the impact that her practice had on her own life, she is now dedicated to teaching others how to find their way back to what is important.

Amanda is a passionate person who believes in the wholeness of each of us despite our past or current conditions. She has formal training in both medicine and mindfulness, but it is through her own inner journey that she is most adept to guide others.

Healing the Heart

Amanda has two beautiful children and a loving husband who are her greatest supporters. She is deeply grateful for their unconditional love, sense of belonging and unlimited opportunities for growth.

For the past 16 years, Amanda has been practicing medicine as a physician assistant. It is no coincidence that her specialty is cardiology. Healing the heart is her passion. She has come to realize that there are many factors that come into play when our body “breaks down.” Amanda wholeheartedly believes in the power that each of us possesses to heal from within and access a true sense of well-being.

Amanda received her undergraduate degree from Union College and her master’s degree from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She is a qualified mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) instructor, trained through the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Center for Mindfulness. She completed her training in 2016 and is a master teacher at Copper Beech Institute in West Hartford, Connecticut. She teaches MBSR, leads workshops/retreats and is a trainer for Copper Beech’s Year Long Mindfulness Immersion Program. Amanda also actively teaches MBSR at Hartford Hospital, stress management courses to the cardiac rehab program, and a year-long mindfulness training for Hartford Hospital’s medical residency program. She is passionate about clinical research and is actively involved in clinical studies on mindfulness in medicine.

Mindful parenting is also an interest close to Amanda’s heart. For the past two years, she has trained directly under Dr. Shefali Tsabary (best-selling author and leader in conscious parenting). She is honored to teach parents how to be present and build authentic relationships with their children.

Amanda is dedicated to teaching mindfulness and helping others learn how to tap into the power of the present moment, unlock their unlimited potential and open their boundless heart. When one person heals, we all heal. She takes a holistic approach when working with individuals to help restore emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health. Now more than ever, our world is suffering and needs each of us to wake up, share our gifts and spread love.

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Mindfulness is a limitless tool for self-discovery. It is an experiential process, meaning that you cannot just read about mindfulness to understand the process and receive its benefits. You actually have to practice and develop the skill to be present.


-- Amanda Votto

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