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Mindful Self-Compassion: Befriending Ourselves

Day Retreat in Madison, CT with Amanda Votto & Emily Williams


IDEAL FOR: All levels including beginners

RETREAT DATE: September 10, 2022
RETREAT TIME: 9am to 4pm

Mercy by the Sea
149 Neck Road
Madison, MA, 01085

DESCRIPTION: Have you ever wondered why we often treat our loved ones kinder than we treat ourselves? Or how we can truly befriend and accept all parts of ourselves? Mindful self-compassion is a practice that directly cultivates goodwill towards ourselves, especially when facing challenges. This day will include a combination of mindfulness and compassion teachings, group discussion, and guided practices. Through various guided practices, we will experience first-hand how mindful self-compassion can promote healing and well-being. We will learn how to turn toward challenges with kindness and understanding rather than judgement. We will also discover how to hold compassion for ourselves and others in a way that lessens burnout and empathy fatigue. Lastly, we will learn how to relate to the “inner critic” with kindness, transforming our inner relationship from judgement to compassion. Research demonstrates that self- compassion builds resilience, reduces provider burnout, depression, anxiety and improves social connectedness, happiness and coping skills. This day retreat is a wonderful opportunity for anyone considering doing the 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion class that is offered at Copper Beech.

Techniques that will be used throughout the day include:

  • Whole group lecture
  • Small group break out exercises
  • Personal mindful self-compassion practices including: affectionate breathing, soothing touch, giving and receiving compassion
  • Journaling exercises


At the end of the day, we will have learned:

  • What mindful self-compassion entails
  • Common myths of self-compassion
  • Various ways to practice mindful self-compassion
  • Research and benefits of mindful self-compassion



  • $125.00 — covers all the expenses of the program and supports others who cannot afford to attend
  • $95.00 — covers most of the expenses of the program
  • $75.00 — covers some of the expenses of the program


Masks are not required for outdoor activities. In the event of rain or poor weather, any outdoor activities will be moved indoors. Masks and social distancing are required for indoor activities.


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Mindfulness is a limitless tool for self-discovery. It is an experiential process, meaning that you cannot just read about mindfulness to understand the process and receive its benefits. You actually have to practice and develop the skill to be present.


-- Amanda Votto

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