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Amanda is a certified hypnotherapist through the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She uses hypnosis to access a deeper state of awareness. Hypnosis is a powerful modality to bypass the conscious mind and gain access to the unconscious mind where lasting transformation can take place.

Amanda’s hypnosis style is trauma-informed with a special focus on inner healing. Through guided mediation and hypnosis, she helps people heal their emotional wounds that often stem back into childhood. When we feel anxious, depressed, disempowered, or experience other emotional challenges, hypnosis can be a powerful practice to understand, befriend and heal those parts of ourselves. We bring to conscious the limiting, false beliefs that were often developed early on in our life for the purpose of survival but are no longer helpful and often detrimental to our well-being.

Amanda creates a safe and compassionate space where, together, we can release and heal patterns that are creating difficulties in your life with the intention of creating more inner peace, compassion and sense of well-being.

Hypnosis sessions are offered virtually.

In-person hypnosis sessions based on availability. In-person sessions are located at 33 N. Main St, Wallingford, CT 06492. For additional location information please visit: hiddengemonmain.com.


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Amanda’s work is truly life changing if you are willing to be open and trust her and yourself. Our hypnosis sessions led me to see clearly, belief systems that got me stuck in so many areas of my life for many years. Those belief systems were no longer serving me and they needed to be understood, befriended and transformed so my light could shine. Through Amanda’s compassionate guidance, many patterns were broken, a safe placed was created, and a sense of ownership was given back to me. There is still work to be done, but I’m forever grateful for all that Amanda has helped me through her work, her wisdom, her love, and compassion.

Private Hypnosis Client Testimonial

I met with Amanda for several hypnosis sessions. Each session was centered around the healing of past trauma. Amanda mindfully guided me through each situation that we were working on addressing together. She was very patient with explaining the process and the potential outcomes. Each session took me to a deeper level of understanding and clarity. I felt rejuvenated and light of heart and mind after the hypnosis. It has resulted in the lasting effect of collaboration among mind, body, heart and soul. The benefits from our work together are ongoing, and I use the tools that she provided to me daily and during times of stress.

Private Hypnosis Client Testimonial

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Mindfulness is a limitless tool for self-discovery. It is an experiential process, meaning that you cannot just read about mindfulness to understand the process and receive its benefits. You actually have to practice and develop the skill to be present.


-- Amanda Votto

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